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This collection is from some of the best artists I've stumbled upon during my life here at deviantART.

These artists, to me, are a huge inspiration.
Woah, I had a LOT of messages to go through (even more deviations!) and although I have answered most, except for the one about spreadable cheese, I'll mass answer the top 10 again for everyone:

Q1. Where did you go/have you been?
My life became very complicated. So much so, I actually completely lost the desire to draw or ink anything as I just couldn't concentrate long enough to get it finished. Likewise, when and if I did finish something, I was so unhappy with the result (needlessly), I would ultimately bin everything.
I'm getting back on track now though.

Q2. Do you take commissions?
Yes and no. Currently... kind of no but, soon I will be. Bare with me while I get back in to the swing of things and get reacquainted with my tools...

Q3. Are you posting somewhere else?
Nope! I run a blog over on Tumblr but, everything that has "recently" appeared here, has also made an appearance over there too.

Q4. I like you gallery, can I request a portrait?
Sure! You'll need to get in contact with me via my email as I don't check my messages here like a bad person.

Q5. Are you a digital artist?
Not really. I can do the odd thing here and there but honestly, I find it very hard to draw with my tablet. I much prefer ink and paper although, I'm so out of practice, it's actually a joke!

Q6. How's it going?
Not too bad actually, thanks for asking =D

Q7. I'm sure I've seen your work on [insert website/comic title], is this yours?
Nope. I only post on DeviantART (2 accounts), my Facebook page and Tumblr. If you see it anywhere else, please let me know. I also haven't been associated with any comic titles since late 2003. Anything recent certainly isn't mine.

Haha, that dude went aaaaaages ago! I felt he had no significance to me any more and preferred something a little more professional looking.

Q9. I noticed some pieces are missing from your gallery, where did they go?
I toyed with the idea of starting a new page featuring only stuff that I felt would help with any type of career prospects. However, that's too long winded and instead, decided to "clean" this one up. You may find some more vanishing soon but, they're actually just being archived elsewhere.

Q10. I have this [idea/character] that I would like to see you draw, will you do it?
Sorry but, no. I'll soon be happy to ink or do portraits but, I'm limiting myself to those only for the time being. Besides, my best advice would be to try drawing them yourself. Surprisingly, no matter how good an artist may be, only you truely know that character and are able the capture the essence in an image!

Hope that answers some questions anyone might have!
As I said, there's some spring cleaning that needs to be done here but, I will return eventually =)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
I dabble in a lot of things but, prefer inking and line art portraits.
I will ink for free but, larger project will usually incur a commission. Most of my work is done with a traditional ink but, I've messed around with digital too.

Feel free to drop me a note if you're interested in working with me :)

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